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March 1 - 31, 2024

Exclusive Limited Variant Covers

DUKEScomics is an international small press and studio based in New Mexico, U.S.A. We currently have two graphic novels “Daizee & the DUKES of Chuco: Chuco-Juárez World Rally” and “A.W.O.L.: Cruz Ochoa” available in multiple languages depicting a future U.S. southwest and a technological borderland culture. The main characters illustrate challenges BIPOC sheros in the STEM and military fields might face. Our books are for readers ages ten and up. Join our newsletter or contact us here: link (click here)

Buy YOUR copy of this ELECTRIC drift fest ADVENTURE!

Daizee & the Dukes of Chuco: Chuco- Juárez World Rally graphic novel cover

English Paperback
ISBN: 9781088079126



Visualizing our future through comics.

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